February 18th to February 22nd, 2019

Monday, Feb. 18, 2019

Tomato and Basil Soup D/F G/F ............ € 5.50

Tomato soup with the perfect addition of fresh basil to compliment the flavour.

Ingredients: olive oil, celery*, carrots, onion, tomato, basil, vegetable stock (including celery)*, potato

Filet de Poulet, Grille aux Champignons et Moutarde ............ € 11.50

A fabulously tasty special of grilled free-range chicken with a creamy mushroom and mustard sauce. Served with our selection of weekly vegetables.

Ingredients: chicken , mushroom, mustard (mustard seeds)*, white wine (sulphites)*, cream (milk)*, onion, butter (milk)*, parsley, white pepper

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

Minestrone Classico (DF/GF) ............ € 5.50

A classic Italian soup filled to the brim with vegetables.

Ingredients: celery*, carrots, onion, courgette, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, olive oil, parsley, potato, green beans, cannellini bean

Gnocchi with lamb guazzetto ............ € 10.50

Gnocchi with slow cooked lamb sauce.

Ingredients: gnocchi (potato, flour*, olive oil)*, celery*, carrots, onion, rosemary, olive oil, red wine (sulphites)*, parmesan (milk)*, thyme, tomato

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019

Pea and Mint Soup ............ € 5.50

A delicate and delicious soup. (DF/GF)

Ingredients: peas, mint, vegetable stock (including celery)*, onion, olive oil, potato, white pepper

Suprema di Pollo Arrosto ............ € 12.50

Delicious grilled chicken supreme marinated with herbs and served with a medley of vegetables and bulgur wheat; finished with a tarragon and white wine sauce.

Ingredients: chicken , rosemary, olive oil, salt, bulgur (wheat)*, onion, green beans, bell peppers, courgette, carrots, butter (milk)*, flour (wheat gluten)*

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019

Mixed Vegetable Soup ............ € 5.50

A lovely soup, filled to the brim with healthy veggies!

Ingredients: celery*, carrots, onion, potato, courgette, leek, broccoli, cauliflower, herbs, spinach, olive oil, peas, salt, black pepper

Polpettone Prosciutto e Formaggio ............ € 12.50

A delicious rolled meatloaf filled with Asiago cheese and roasted ham. Served with mashed potato and broccoli.

Ingredients: ham (pork)*, emmental cheese (milk)*, beef, parsley, salt, black pepper, Grana Padano (milk)*, egg*, bread crumbs (wheat) (gluten)*, potato, broccoli, white wine (sulphites)*

Friday, Feb. 22, 2019

Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup D/F G/F ............ € 5.50

An uber healthy soup of cannellini beans and kale. Power to you!

Ingredients: cannellini bean, onion, garlic, celery*, carrots, kale, tomato, vegetable stock (including celery)*, herbs

Kilkenny Sea-trout with Grilled Vegetable Cous Cous ............ € 12.50

A delicious cous cous, filled with courgette, peppers, chick-peas, green beans, onions and herbs - filled to the brim with flavour. Topped with grilled Kilkenny Sea-trout and finished with tomato and coriander salsa.

Ingredients: couscous (wheat gluten)*, courgette, olive oil, onion, green beans, chickpeas, herbs, vegetable stock (including celery)*, rocket, tomato, scallion, coriander, sea trout (fish)*, bell peppers

Available All Week

Grilled Salmon ............ € 10.50

Grilled fillet of salmon marinated with lemon zest, olive oil and fresh herbs. Served with our weekly sides.

Ingredients: salmon (fish)*, olive oil, lemon, herbs, please check the weekly selection of vegetables/sides (may contain allergens)*

Fusilli Tonno, Zucchine e Pomodorini. ............ € 12.50

Fusilli pasta in a tuna, courgette and cherry tomato sauce.

Ingredients: onion, olive oil, tuna (fish)*, white wine (sulphites)*, courgette, cherry tomato, parsley, salt, black pepper, pasta (gluten)*

Quiche Lorraine ............ € 11.50

Our decadent home-made quiche filled with gruyere cheese, cream and ham on a crispy butter pastry base.

Ingredients: gruyère cheese (milk)*, cream (milk)*, ham (pork)*, butter (milk)*, flour (wheat gluten)*, egg*

Our weekly selection of seasonal vegetables/sides ............ € 3.50

Basmati Rice, Paprika scented roasted Butternut Squash Wedges ,Green Beans.

Ingredients: olive oil, salt, herbs, parsley, rice, butternut, green beans, paprika, ground allspice

*Ingredients defined as allergens