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Privacy Policy

1. Privacy
Caffe Parigi is as committed to protecting your privacy as you are. We promise we will never share, rent or sell your data with/to any other person or company. We are fully compliant with the 1988 Data Protection Act (as amended) and all Industry Codes. We will provide you with options so that you choose how data about you is used. You can always review and change your preferences at any time by using the website or by contacting us directly at

2. Information We Hold
We only hold the information you have directly provided us with when you sign up to our site [or have changed at a later date]. This is data that identifies you or can be used to contact you if required, it may include your name [and/or company reference], address [email and/or delivery point] and/or your credit /laser card number and billing reference. (Your credit / debit card data is not stored by Caffe Parigi but may be stored by the provider of our on-line payment solution.) We will only use this information for the following reasons:
• To provide you with the goods/service you have ordered.
• To contact you in connection with your order [account] or to reply to a communication you may have sent us.
• To contact you [with your prior approval] about any special Caffe Parig Offers.

3. Use of your Information.
Caffe Parigi uses the information you supply to us to process your order and save you from re-entering the same information every time you wish to use our service. It also allows you to view current and previous orders. We occasionally will generically monitor purchasing patterns and site traffic to ensure our product and service offerings are optimised and our web site reflects customer interest. On some of our site pages we store cookies. Cookies will only be used on the basis of your preferences.
Cookies are pieces of data sent from our server to your browser/computer to allow us "recognise you" when you visit our site in the future. We use cookies to save your personal preferences so you don't have to re-enter them each time you visit our site and to send you content specific to your interests. If you don't like the idea then your browser can be configured to not accept cookies, or to notify you if a cookie is being sent.

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